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building Inspections, why

Building Inspections are not always necessary...or are they???? I take the position that the buyer has the option (in most cases) to do a inspection. It is usual to insert a clause into a offer that the buyer will have the opportunity to pay the $ & hire a inspector. Often in strata properties buyers read the strata minutes & decide not to pay the money for a inspection. For detached homes, buyers on occassion will also waive their right for a inspection & rely on the property condition disclosuer statement.  In my experience a building inspection is useful information on what one needs to budget for but on a used home buyers need to put aside $ for ongoing maintenance issues whether it be a new roof or electrical upgrades. It is difficult if not impossible for even the best inspector to nail all the issues in a house. That happens when the key turns in the door for the new buyer's 1st time & she/he starts learning how the place functions & what needs to be tweeked. A little extra money in the bank to attend to any necessary items of concern that pop up is always good strategy.