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December 6th, 2007

Last week my mom had a stroke AND I now know first-hand what hall room nursing care is ALL about. We waited for 7 hours on a stretcher at Lion's Gate Hospital just to get into emergency.

After watching Michel Moore's "SICKO", it brings one's awareness of how other countries ... Cuba being one that treats health care as a priority. These countries give a much more supportive caring a ...


December 5th, 2007

Of interest to me what is the public's perception of OPEN HOUSES. 2 weeks ago I held an OPEN HOUSE of one of my Burnaby listings. I had Gary Thomas help me as we correctly assumed there would be lots of visitors. We had just under 50 groups through, so YES there was LOTS OF INTEREST in this property. At the end of the weekend we were left empty handed with narry an offer. My client was mo ...