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Alaska Kayaking

October 15th, 2012
Just went to Alaska & had a great time kayaking. The weather to my surprise was very mild & sunny. Sure would not want to tip over in the water as that was cold. No suprise as there were glaciers & icebergs surrounding us. Did make for spectacular scenery
 Alaska kayaking

Seachelt BC

October 15th, 2012
This weekend I travelled to Seachelt. I was not sure if I wanted to drive over as it is expensive to take tha car on the ferry sooooo I explored other ways to get over to the Sunshine Coast. When i saw a fare of $50. to fly over I jumped on it. I took the sky train to the Water Front Station & walked a few steps to the float plane & in less than 1 hour I was sipping a cool beer in Seachelt.   ...