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Books I like

May 19th, 2011
Read about this book in the Globe & Mail. It seemed to be in sync with where I am at now as I am dealing with my 92 year old mother. Thought this would be a good book to get some insights into death & grieving  as my mother's "due date" is in the not too distant future. I found this book to be interesting, insightful & a very easy read so purchased one for myself & 1  as a gift to a friend wh ...

Indian Arm, North Vancouver, Boats

May 6th, 2011
I just received a very stressed call from a friend who lives in North Vancouver up Indian Arm. She went away on a lovely vacation to Europe only to come home to the news her boat had sunk. This year I took our boat out of the water when I went to New Zealand in January & am I glad I did. When you are not around & it is the rainy season in Vancouver should something like the bilge pump fail yo ...