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Gardens & Weeds

Weed Dragon Karen CCWeed Devil @ CCI have a fairly large property & decided to let the back 40 remain au natural yes blackberries & all. Through this forested area I have created a limestone path. Sounds like a simple solution to take a stroll through the rustic section of the garden doesn't it??? Well I have been at war with the weeds on this path way for the last few years & the weeds were winning. This year however the war is over. Yes I have conquered the weeds. Lee Valley sells this magic wand called the Weed Dragon. It is a torch that is fuelled by propane & 1 easy pass over of the torch & voila those weeds ore literally fried. This is such a fabulous solution to my weed infested path. It also works very well on the small cracks in your concrete driveway where more weeds take hold growing a weed garden on your driveway. I also subscribe to Houzz which has other solutions to weeds but think for my problem areas I will stay with my Weed Dragon
Pictures are on L of  Karen getting rid of the weeds on the drive way & on R of me torching the weeds on my limestone path way