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Vintage Hydro Electricity Plant

The Indian Arm area where I kayak & sell homes is off the grid ie if you want power you make it. Up The Arm these resourceful cabin owners often use generators so I have become interested in how each resident creates power.  When I was visiting in New Zealand & heard of  Mason Chamber's  hydro electricity plant built in 1892 I was intrigued. With the price of electricity in BC expected to jump 26% this next year I am vested in learning how to get cheap power. Chamber's pioneer generator powering plant is still working today  using ancient wooden switches, lightbulbs over 100 years old & a second hand dynamo that once powered a London rail way station in the early 1800's. Obviously Mr Chambers was a man ahead of his time, a man who would have fit into the Indian Arm life style with his sense of community & ingenuity.