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Public Dock @ Deep Cove on Indian Arm

Policy change now allows unlimited daily parking @ the public dock in Deep Cove so does that make the public dock a private dock.???? With all the mooring spaces taken up by commuter boats this dock is now very unpublic unless one wishes to buy a parking permit from the city for the tune of $1,000. Last week when I decided to join a friend for coffee I was more than a little annoyed to find that there was no space for me to park my boat for 1 hour as now all the spaces are taken up with the "permitted boats". My view is that this is a public dock & should remain so. Should someone wish to have permeant daily parking there are 2 private marinas that have spaces for those wishing longer stays. North Vancouver's new policy does not work well for those wanting to use the dock as intended.....parking for  hour or 2 to shop or have a bite to eat with friends in The Cove. This is not a good policy  for those of us up The Indian Arm or for the merchants .