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Property Assessment 2013

I just received my property assessment & OUCH. What happened??? My modest rancher in a older area of Coquitlam has, according to the assessment authority gone up in value to the tune of $70,000!!!!! My ego of course kicked in & said see your original $250,000 was a great investment ....look at how well your real estate portfolio performed. That thought although true is not in reality the inflated version noted on my newest assessment notice. I did make a call hoping to be able to quickly have the new number reduced to no avail so today I will file a notice of dispute to the board & spit polish my go to meeting boots so I will be prepared for the presentation @ the board of appeal. This will get my letter out by the January 31st deadline. Lets see how I make out with this correction. For annone looking to appeal West tech Appraisals offers some helpful advise