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Pricing Rant

Andy Rooney on 60 minutes should do a session on quoted prices in North America....not being what the "ticket "states. It is almost like false advertising! I have just returned from New Zealand & loved the fact that what was noted on the ticket was what you paid down under. Now that I am back home in Vancouver not so. I recently saw a bunch of flowers for sale  the tag said " 3 bunches for $10.00" but that was the tickler. When I went to the till with my 10 bill I now needed $11.20  When I ate my lunch the $8.00 lunch was over $10.00 with taxes & of course a tip. It was so much easier in NZ where you paid what was quoted no calculater needed. Why oh why do we need to have all these hidden costs???? Just tag the item with the cash needed to be collected & we will all be happier.