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Kayaking,Indian Arm @ Deep Cove

Deep COve
This morning I kayaked over to Deep Cove from Belcarra. We left the shores of Belcarra @ 7:00 & the water was like glass. Seagulls were pecking shells on the seashore & lots of Canada Geese nesting on the small islands. We reached North Vancouver's east point @ Deep Cove & trundled off for breakfast @ Honeys. En route to the restaurant there was a group of women doing exercise on the fore shore. When we finished breakfast & returned to our kayaks there they were but this time down on the dock with their yoga balls laughing & exercising on the dock. They were obviously having way too much fun so I paddled over to see who they were. They are called Fresh Air Lives & they have exercise classes every Wednesday morning @ the waters edge. North Van is such a great pace to live & The Cove is even more special. You never know what you are going to happen upon but usually it will be something embracing a very healthy life stlye. Hurrah that summer is here. Next week morning yoga balli exercise class with Fresh Air Lives. What a great way to start the day!!!!