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Indian Arm North Vancouver,wireless options

I was kayaking up The Arm last week & lost my cell reception. Not usually a problem for me to be out of the wireless loop for a hour or 2 but this morning I needed to make 1 phone call & suddenly just when I needed it wireless connection. I dipped in out of coves on my paddle up to SIlver Falls to no avail so my relaxing morning turned into a stressful one. When I came back home I decided to do some research & found a new device which looks like it will be my wireless lifesaver when I am out on the water. The devise is DeLorme's inReach satellite communicator which works with my iphone.  One needs the Earthmate app which is free in Apple's i'Tunes app store. The case is waterproof & bouyant & impact resistant & resales @ $250.00. There is a 9.95 satellite subscription that is needed for the devise to work but if I ever need to send out a SOS & am out of connectivity this would be a small price to pay for safety.