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Indian Arm, North Vancouver on Canada Day

What better way to celebrate Canada Day then to go for a paddle up The Indian Arm 1st thing in the morning. Yes I do mean 1st thing ie @ sunrise when the fjord is as calm as glass so that is how I kick started the morning. Was a little surprised to find the temperature so it is summer time but thought it would warm up as would I as I worked up a strong rythmn paddling. Thankfully there was little traffic so yes the morning was wave free  & very little wind so I made good time from Port Moody to Best point.... in just over 1 hour...hurrah!!!! My traveling companions were a few seals & a family of otters which made for a quiet journey. Unfortunately the temperature did not warm up until 3:00 but when the sun broke out in the afternoon it was a welcome opportunity to warm up. Love kayaking & find The Indian Arm to be my favvvvooooooourite place to cruise. Now if we could only get rid of the red tide this month & have a little more sunshine I would be content