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Garden Designs

GardenWorksGardenWorks has a great program that they offer for landscape design. It is a free consultation so I thought I would make call & set up a appointment. I met with Kyoung ( the designer) & I had a MOST informative  session. The drawing she did was creative & looks like her choice of plants will have year round colour & texture. Kyoung said that it is very helpful to her for people to come in with big pictures of their garden ( not small pics on one's phone) also to have drawings to scale. I was happy that I had called  ahead to see what I needed to bring & had both of these items & I can see that the allotment of 20 minutes goes quickly so to avoid long winded explinations have your homework done before going in for the consultation. Thanks Kyung & Garden Works the weekend will be beautiful so with my new disign in hand ( colour coded with the different plants) I can get busy planting