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Drain tiles, house maintenance

I recently needed to replace or repair my home's drain tiles.I was not sure which was needed as I had had this done when I purchased my house 15 years ago so felt the system should be working...perhaps it just needed a tweeking? Sounds like a fairly easy task but noooooo nothing seems to be easy. Who to choose, how to find, & last but also very important how determine value for the team you hire. The finding the right company became a 2 month project. Most companies I found out would not come over to bid on the job without a $200-$500. up front charge & no they would not apply this fee to the job if they were awarded the contract. This did not sit well with me so the quest to find someone who would do a good job & give me value for my $ was on. FINALLY I stumbled on Dave Mendenhall from TRI-M Plumbing & Drain Tile. Dave worked with me through the job helping me understand the depth of the job ( they needed to dig over 8' in the front of the house) & the options available ie dimple board application & coating the outside conrete wall with "black death" (yes to inhale this gunk would be toxic). I found Dave to be thorough with the job & I particularly liked the fact that he finished the job with attractive stones & a rail way tie border to devide my fancy new system off from my garden. After the job Dave came back to inspect the inside wall & make sure I was a happy camper with my dry basement. YES I am now damp proofed & have a whole new level of appreciation for a healthy functioning drainage system. A expensive system so better to do one's homework & get the best company for the job so you do not have to repeat the excavation 15 years later. With my warrenty in hand & my drain tiles working overtime to keep my basement uber dry I am happy. I did my homework & got the best team for the job TRI-M they are GOOD