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David Suzuki Charity

Last Friday environmentalist David Suzuki posted a letter stating that he is stepping down from the environmental  awareness foundation that he founded. so he can speak freely on issues without harming the foundation's charitable status. Suzuki a  said " I want to speak freely without fear that my words will be deemed too political & harm the organization of which I am so proud". What is going on in a democratic country where our federal government is spending over 8 million to target envoronmental groups that are speaking out about how  well or unwell the government is taking care of our country. This just rubs against the grain when a person of such integrity feels he must relinquish his position as director of the David Suzuki Foundation to bring us awareness about what Harper is planning with Enbridge's Northern Gateway Pipeline. Of interest high profile environmentalist Tzeporah Berman has also followed in Suzuki's foot steps & left Greenpeace International so she can raise concerns in BC over pipelines that she says are being "shoved down our throats"
I feel that the the Harper government needs to spend monies on concerns that take care of the country's best interests not on trying to silence groups that are trying their best to take care of our planet. 
Thanks to Gordon Hoekstra for his article Susuki Steps Down in the Vancouver Sun Monday Ap 16 2012