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Christchurch, New Zealand events

As I am navigating what dates to go to the desired destinations I had a friend sent me this article on Christchurch. I am now even more excited about going to this city & will make sure I get there for The Busker's Festival. Know the damage from the 2010 earthquake will still be evident but perhaps the debris will just be props for creative improvisation.  Should I fly into Christchurch from Auckland or get the bus from Nelson?? Guess I had better get my map out. Here is the article..............


From the 20th to the 30th of January, street performers and entertainers from all over the world will descend on Christchurch for the 19th annual World Buskers' Festival.


Buskers will perform some of the craziest acts of daring, comedy, acrobatics, juggling and beauty that you've ever seen. Enjoy 10 days and nights of organised pandemonium and chaos that transforms the central city into a hub of activity, excitement and non-stop laughter.


The festival is heralded as one of the biggest, best and most accessible street and circus festivals in the world. With more than 500 performances taking place from 40 different acts, this year should prove to be one of the best yet.