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Vietnam Honey

Vietnam honey purchaseVietnam Honey coneVietnam honeyVietnam rooster When I am in Vietnam I love getting up at sunrise & biking through the rice fields. One stumbles across the most interesting things. Today we came across a woman on a motorcycle selling honey. Yes the bees nestcomplete with lots of the bees were in this large plastic bucket!!! Talk about fresh!!!!  We negotiated a purchase of the liquid gold stressing that we would prefer the honey without the bees.  The honey & a few bees  were poured into empty water bottles to be strained when we got home. Well we created quite a stir with neighbours curious to watch these foreigners try to navigate in their world.....not a easy task. One man brought his fighting cock to show us, another woman brought her daughter to practise her English & another woman came to help the honey lady pour her honey so quite the drama but lots of fun. So now that I am back at my Vietnamese friend's house sipping coffee sweetened with my fresh honey, I smile at the scene that unfolded when the honey was purchased & the gift of a piece of honey cone was presented to signify that the sales lady was happy with the transaction...Only in Vietnam