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BC Automible Association

I have been a member of BCAA for over 10 years now & this week I was reminded just how helpful that membership is. While driving the other day I was waved over to the side of the road by a passing driver who alerted me that I had a flat tire. OH bother ( As WInnie the pooh) would say. I just put new snow tires on my truck 3 weeks ago!!!. Not now I have just enough time to get ot my 12 noon app't. I did get a cab to make it on time to my meeting & took the West Coast Express back home & to my truck. I called BCAA (*222) when I left the train & met the BCAA driver @ the vehicle. The service truck found the the nail in my tire, pulled it out, put a permanent plug in, then filled my very very flat tire up & within 15 minutes I was happliy driving home. No added time or expense limping off to Canadian Tire to have the compromised tire fixed no muss no added fuss :-) The  $100 annual membership fee paid off in spades & gives me that added sense of comfort that YES help is just a call away. Love BCAA.